Price from 10 €
Fri. 23 Aug. 2019. 20h30

Director:  Doskhoev Magomet Bachir, Emeritus Master of Arts Republic of Ingouchetia

Artistic Director: Gadaborchev Ruslan, Emeritus Master of Arts Republic of Ingouchetia

The dance ensemble of Ingushetia, a Russian Republic in the Caucasus between north Ossetia and Chechnya, was established in 1993. It presents many rich and varied performances all over the world, including a choreographic and musical heritage that dates back to antiquity. For centuries, songs and dances based on the rites and customs of the Ingush people have perpetuated the traditions of the past and still have an important place in social life there. The dance expresses the soul of the people. It is preferably performed in shimmering traditional costumes and is characterized by rapid and energetic steps of the male dancers, supported by a demonstrative use of the arms, as against the slow and fluid movements of the female dancers. Every performance is reminiscent of a festival. The grace and the softness of the female dancers and the virtuosity of the energetic movements of male dancers are testimony.


Pricing policy:

CHILD RATES: Under 10-year-olds.
YOUTH RATES: Under 26-year-olds.

REDUCED RATE: On presentation of proof: jobseekers, beneficiaries of the RSA, PMR and a companion, Pass culture, E-pass Youth