These conditions of sale apply automatically and without restriction to all the orders for the purchase of seat(s) for show(s) on the computerized ticketing service website of SEMEC, Palais des Festivals et Congrès de Cannes, La Croisette CS 30051 - 06414 Cannes cedex.

They are subject to change without notice. The purchase of seat(s) for show(s) by the purchaser implies unreserved acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale.

Anyone purchasing either a ticket or product on the SEMEC website is invited to carefully read the terms and conditions that are intended to set out the contractual relationship between the purchase and SEMEC, as well as the terms and conditions applicable when purchasing tickets online.

The language of these terms and conditions of sale is French. In the event of all or part of these conditions being translated, only the original French text is valid.

The confirmation of the order through this website represents the conclusion of the definitive contract. This implies customers unconditional agree to all the terms and conditions of sale, which they have read before the agreement to purchase. Customers agree to the security provisions and any additional regulations regarding access to the hall or any other venue.

Customers are aware that should they not respect these regulations, they will be denied access to the hall without compensation being due.

The applicable terms and conditions of sale are those in effect on the online sales website at the time the ticket is purchased. SEMEC reserves the right to adapt or modify these terms and conditions at any time and without notice and to the fullest extent permitted by law.


www.cannesticket.com is the online ticketing service of SEMEC, which has its head office at La Croisette CS 30051 – 06414 Cannes cedex.

SEMEC’s online ticketing service allows tickets for shows, subscriptions, tourist products to be purchased.

For information about your online ticket purchases, you can contact us by email: billetterie@palaisdesfestivals.com



The price of the seats includes all taxes, including hiring costs.

The applicable prices are those prices indicated in the programs and the ticket offices of the La Croisette Tourist Office in Cannes.

All prices are subject to change without notice. However, tickets will be invoiced on the basis of the prices in effect at the time of your order is validated.

Tickets are valid only after confirmation from us of receipt of the payment requested.

Tickets are nominative and cannot be resold at a higher price (law of 27 June 1919).

No more than 6 seats may be purchased per transaction.

1.1-Reduced prices

To benefit from reduced prices, recent documentary proof must be presented at the time your tickets are purchased as well as at the entrance to the show to the access control personnel. No reduction will be applied after payment of the order.



Depending on the configuration, you may be offered the following seats:

2.1- Numbered seats

For performances for which there is numbered seating, your seat number will be indicated on your ticket at the time you order.

For performances for which there is numbered seating, customers have the option of choosing the seating area as shown by the online sales website. No further claims will be taken into account.

2.2- Non allocated seating

For performances for which there is no numbered seating, spectators are free to choose where they sit.


3.1 Payment method / secure payment

The ticket order is binding on SEMEC only on receipt of an e-mail confirming payment of the transaction. Payment is exclusively accepted online.

Seats purchased on the SEMEC website can be paid only by VISA network cards and cards compatible with the SOGENACTIF secure payment website (Carte Bleue / Visa / Eurocard / Mastercard / American Express).

The information provided by customers when entering their bank details are encrypted by our bank to protect all sensitive data as efficiently as possible during the payment process. The on-line payment transaction is handled by the SOGENACTIF system. This transaction is carried out by means of a secure and SSL encrypted system. Under no circumstances and at no time does the information concerning bank cards pass via SEMEC server.

Once SOGENACTIF has confirmed that the order has been validated, your card will have been debited.

Payment difficulties: please check the validity as well as the authorized ceiling on your card.

Some banks may ask for an additional code for online purchases, please contact your bank for further information.

3.2 Personal data

The information and data about you that is collected is necessary to manage your order and our commercial relations. This information and data is also kept for security purposes in order to comply with legal and regulatory obligations and to allow us to improve and tailor the services we offer and the information we send you.

In accordance with France’s Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access, rectify and remove any information about you. This right can be exercised by post to the SEMEC, La Croisette CS 30051 - 06414 Cannes cedex, indicating your last name, first name, address and if possible your customer reference. In accordance with the regulations in force, your letter should be signed and accompanied by a photocopy of an identity document bearing your signature and specify the address to which the reply must be sent.


Your ticket order is finally confirmed only after you have clicked the "PAY MY ORDER" button and is only binding on SEMEC on receipt of the email confirming that the order has been validated. We therefore invite you to check your e-mail.


Before placing your order you must state you have read and accepted without reservation these terms and conditions of sale. Accepting the terms and conditions of sale by ticking the box "I accept the Terms and Conditions of Sale" allows you to validate your order.


The ticket(s) and confirmation of the online purchase must be verified by the purchaser at the time they are received. No further claims will be considered.

The tickets issued are unique. No duplicate will be issued.

In general, the methods of obtaining the tickets which are offered on line relate to the delay between the date of booking and the date of the event as well as the nature of the price and the conditions governing that price. The methods are as follows:

6.1. Printing your own ticket

Specific conditions for printing your own ticket:

Printing your own ticket at home allows you to print tickets purchased on an ordinary printer with internet access.

To be valid, your ticket must be printed in portrait format, on a white A4 sheet of paper that is blank front and back.

Each seat purchased corresponds to one ticket.

Tickets that can be printed at home have a unique barcode. The validity of the tickets is checked and recorded at the entrance to the theatre concerned using barcode readers. It is not possible to gain admission more than once using the same ticket. Reproducing tickets is prohibited. Only the first person to present the ticket will be allowed to attend the event. That person is presumed to be the legitimate bearer of the ticket. It is therefore forbidden to reproduce, duplicate or counterfeit the ticket in any way, or to make it available for such purposes. Keep your ticket in a safe place. Never accept a ticket offered to you by a stranger, as it may be a copy.

The organizer may refuse entry to the event should a number of prints, reproductions, copies or imitations of tickets that can be printed at home be in circulation and access to the event has already been granted beforehand to the holder of a print, reproduction, copy or imitation of the corresponding ticket printed at home. In particular, the organizer is not obliged to verify the identity of the person presenting the home printed ticket in order to verify that it is indeed the ticket purchaser or to verify the authenticity of the home printed ticket in so far as the imitation or the copy cannot be unmistakably identified as such at the entrance point to the event. If the holder of a home printed ticket is refused entry for this reason, there is no right to a refund the price paid.

SEMEC declines all responsibility: for any anomalies that may occur during ordering, processing or printing the home printed ticket, insofar as it has not caused them intentionally, or as a result of negligence in the event of loss, theft or improper use of the home printed ticket.

6.2. Collection from the ticket office

Thermal tickets can be collected from the ticket office.

Reduced price tickets can only be obtained through the ticket office on presentation of documentary proof. The method of collection will therefore be indicated at the time of the online ticket purchase.

Seats are given on presentation of the confirmation email.

In the absence of proof required for a reduced price ticket, the normal price will apply. A supplement will therefore be requested. Resale at a rate higher than that indicated on the ticket is prohibited (law of 27 June 1919).

Spectators are invited to visit the SEMEC website for information about ticket office opening hours.

6.3 Sending tickets by post

It is only possible to send tickets by post if the delay between payment of the order and the date of the first show is over one working week.

The tickets are sent by registered post and SEMEC declines any responsibility in the event of loss or theft by La Poste. Postal costs will be apply in accordance with the rates in force at the time.


The date, place and time of the show are indicated on the ticket.

The shows start on time, the doors usually open between 15 to 30 minutes before the start of the show.

Late spectators may be seated only during an interruption in the show or depending on accessibility. To enter the theatre, latecomers must follow the instructions of the ushers and numbered seats are no longer guaranteed.

Please note that due to the artistic constraints inherent in certain spectacles, it may be impossible to allow latecomers in.

For creations, the duration of the show may vary and sometimes only be known a few days before the show.


Cancellation is not possible after the seats have been paid for by the customer. In relation to entertainment, case law considers that the relationship established between the theatre that announces a show, indicates the price of seats and the time of the performance and the public buying a ticket, regardless of the mode of payment (cash, cheque, credit card, money order), is a contractual relationship. Under these circumstances, spectators are only able to ask for a refund or contest the contract with the theatre should the entertainment company not fulfil its obligations.

SEMEC reserves the right to make any changes in relation to the order, duration and distribution of the show. Furthermore, SEMEC reserves the right to cancel any performance that cannot be held as a result of unforeseen circumstances or force majeure, (and without this list being exhaustive) for example bad weather, strikes, fire, water damage, illness of a performer, etc. In such a case, SEMEC will propose another performance date or, failing that, will reimburse the cost of the ticket.

Should a performance be interrupted after the first half of a show, tickets cannot be returned, exchanged for another date or refunded.


In accordance with Article L 121-20-4 of France’s Consumer Code, the customer has no right of retraction regarding show tickets and inseparable products.


For any information or question, our ticketing service is at your disposal:

1. Telephone: 04 92 98 62 77 (price of a local call), Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm

2. Post: SEMEC Billetterie La Croisette CS 30051 – 06414 Cannes cedex

3. Email: Contact us by email: billetterie@palaisdesfestivals.com


Any dispute concerning the online purchase process, whatever its nature, must be made in writing no later than the evening of the performance via the following address:

SEMEC Billetterie La Croisette CS 30051 – 06414 Cannes cedex

All other complaints must be made on the evening of the performance directly to the show venue.

SEMEC declines any responsibility for damage, whatever its nature, which would be likely to be suffered by the effects, objects or materials brought by spectators. The spectators are responsible for any direct or indirect damage that they may cause during their presence at the venues.

The tickets do not give any rights to record the show. Any recording, in any form whatsoever, including photography is strictly prohibited. SEMEC Billetterie La Croisette CS 30051 - 06414 Cannes cedex reserves the right to initiate proceedings for compensation for damages suffered.