Event fully booked
Mon. 22 Jul. 2019. 21h00

Benjamin LEVY: Conductor

Danielle AKTA: Cello

Alexander and Daniel GURFINKEL: Clarinet

A real gala concert: a star cellist championed by Zubin Mehta and Daniel Barenboïm in a repertoire with an impressive range, and two exceptional clarinettists - twin brothers who are perpetuating the family’s clarinet tradition. A spectacular program marked by the delicate lyricism of one of the only two fragments of Henri Duparc's famous unfinished opera that have been found, followed by the radiant "Elegy in C minor", a real concentration of emotions, and then an absolute must in the cello repertoire - the fiery "Concerto No. 1" in which the cello gradually attracts the other instruments before taking the whole orchestra into a subtly calmed third movement. And to conclude this real show: an abstract full of joyous fantasy from "Carmen" to "Fiddler on the Roof", which recreates universal musical memories.

Pricing policy:

Numbered seats

YOUTH RATES: Under 26-year-olds.
REDUCED RATE: On presentation of proof: jobseekers, beneficiaries of the RSA, PMR and a companion, Pass culture, E-pass Youth.

Orchestre de Cannes
Expert advice

Even in the artistic sphere, and when you have the job and passion to program a festival like Les Nuits Musicales du Suquet, you can’t be impervious to the general mood and tensions in the world around you: so I set the tone of this 2019 program in part as a reaction to the ambient unease and anxiety of everyday life for many people. I wanted a festive event that would act as an antidote!

Emblematic scores, a romantic and emotionally charged feel; vivid, light, haunting compositions that speak to many people’s melodic unconscious. And then the performers: I wanted to invite remarkable artists, pure talent of course, but also outstanding, endearing and charismatic personalities able to play and share emotion; artists with a communicative originality, well-known and rising young talents, able to break through the classic boundaries and enrich other musical sensibilities. Here are some of the ingredients in this 2019 festival, which has been deliberately concocted as an optimistic potion. So, let there be light and... hold the joy!

MISHA KATZ, directeur artistique